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We offer a comprehensive suite of services that elevate your financial journey, supercharge your business, expand your market, and fortify your data.

Global Bank Accounts

Create personal and business dollar, euro, pounds, and naira bank accounts.

Global Business

Operate a store in Blucera Market and keep your earnings in dollar, euro, etc, bank accounts.

Virtual Debit Cards

Spend anywhere across the globe with our virtual and physical debit cards.

Bank account cards

Blucera Market

Digital Products: Buy and sell any type of digital product, in any form, format or structure.

Ebooks: Buy and sell e-books in both downloadable and non-downloadable format.

Courses: Buy and sell courses to global students and be paid in multiple currenicies.

Tickets: Buy and sell any type of digital product, from e-books to online courses

Services: Buy and sell any type of digital product, from e-books to online courses

Empowering businesses
to fuel growth

Inventory. Track products, monitor availability, and speed up restocking procedures with efficiency.
Bookkeeping. Manage transactions, easily track finance, and guarantee accurate record-keeping.
Sales. Real-time tracking, sales analytics, performance insights and improve sales management.
Expense. Monitor and control expenses seamlessly, ensuring financial stability and informed decision-making.
Personnel Management. Organize employee data, track attendance, and manage workforce efficiently.
Payroll Management. Streamline payroll processes, ensuring accurate and timely employee compensation and lots more.
A desktop showing business analysis

Empowering you with the power of knowledge

Empowering the future with Blucera
eVault Legal Custodial Services

Business Records

Securely upload, store and preserve vital business records including contracts, agreements, MOUs, investments, bank statements, and important documents, in any format.

Family Records

Securely upload, store and preserve family records, investments, land records, asset records, investment agreements, “will”, bank records, contracts, and more, in any format.

Legal Custodial

After your designated timeframe, our lawyers will do all to reach you via your recorded contacts. But if that is not possible, we will contact your Next of Kin, which you have already provided.

Empowering Tomorrow, Today

At Blucera, we believe that innovation changes the world. Our dedication to quality inspires us to develop solutions that mold a promising future.